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Category: King Von

King Von – Went Silly Lyrics

Went Silly by King Von: Lyrics: B---- left me while I was locked up, I came home, I s------ on that b---- Went silly on that b----, got diamonds drippin’ […]

King Von – Tuff Lyrics

Tuff by King Von: Lyrics: Aw, you tough? You ain’t really tough That lil’ boy a mutt, he Mrs. Puff Hit him in his gut and watch that boy ball […]

King Von – Crazy Story Lyrics

Crazy Story by King Von: Lyrics: And I’ma let that MAC fly just like my n---- Durk (Bow) I’ma let this MAC fly with this, hold on I said I’ma […]

King Von – Twin Nem Lyrics

Twin Nem by King Von: Lyrics: I’m sayin’ we be with the killers that kill all f-----’ the killers, n---- You know the f--- we rockin’ man, fasho-fasho Murda on […]

King Von – Fuck Yo Man Lyrics

F--- Yo Man by King Von: Lyrics: B----, f--- your n---- Ho, f--- his feelings You say you stayin’ See, ho, you trippin’ See, I’m a killer But I got […]

King Von – No Flaws Lyrics

No Flaws by King Von: Lyrics: I ain’t got no flaws So please don’t bring your ho ’round me I brush my teeth, then floss These diamonds, ain’t no cavities […]

King Von – Hoes Ain’t Shit Lyrics

Hoes Ain’t S--- by King Von: Lyrics: Hoes ain’t s--- All these hoes ain’t s--- Von Boy, I don’t trust s--- Hoes be too slick, don’t trust that b---- Better […]

King Von – War Wit Us Lyrics

War Wit Us by King Von: Lyrics: What? What? We started this s---, man (Huh?) We fathered this s---, man (For real, we did) For real Did a lot of […]

King Von – Jet Lyrics

Jet by King Von: Lyrics: The jet just cleared now I don’t ‘posed to be here, where I’m from, they kicked me down You can’t be deceitful, shoot you right […]

King Von – Mamas Boy Lyrics

Mamas Boy by King Von: See, mama, she raised her a savage Went and took it if I didn’t have it See, I can do magic I can get rid […]

King Von - Crazy Story 3 Lyrics

King Von – Crazy Story 3 Lyrics

Crazy Story 3 by King Von: Lyrics: Oh, yeah, I’m finna make a banger with this Huh, what? DJ on the beat so it’s a banger Now here it go […]

King Von – What’s It’s Like Lyrics

What’s It’s Like by King Von You know who the f--- it is man. All these n----- in the city dead, man. And n----- that hate us, but they ain’t gon’ step outside them […]

King Von – Crazy Story 2.0 Lyrics

King Von – Crazy Story 2.0 Lyrics

Crazy Story 2.0 Lyrics by King Von (feat. Lil Durk) [King Von] Got a drop on this flexin’ n----, he from Tennessee I had a thot, she be with the […]