Koe Wetzel – Cabo Lyrics

Cabo Lyrics – Koe Wetzel She got me for my money Took my bloody dollar bill Snorted all my candy Then and went and got all of her girls Now

Koe Wetzel – Oklahoma Sun Lyrics

Oklahoma Sun Lyrics – Koe Wetzel I’m tired of being perfect Perfect don’t exist with me Took a look in the mirror – Didn’t like what I seen How’s your

Koe Wetzel – So Low Lyrics

So Low Lyrics – Koe Wetzel I’m so low it’s fuckin’ awesome I love the sadness and the pain I’m so low it’s fuckin’ awesome Makes me glad there ain’t

Koe Wetzel – Three Weeks Lyrics

Three Weeks Lyrics – Koe Wetzel Three weeks And I ain’t heard from you It’s like you just disappeared into thin air That I’m breathing in Three weeks with nobody

Koe Wetzel – Better Without You Lyrics

Better Without You Lyrics – Koe Wetzel It got cold today The sun ain’t out, and I think it’s about to rain Lonely weather has saved me from smilin’ I

Koe Wetzel – YellaBush Road Lyrics

YellaBush Road Lyrics – Koe Wetzel I threw away my phone ‘Cause I don’t want To talk to anybody these days And I should probably go home and see my

Koe Wetzel – Sad Song Lyrics

Sad Song Lyrics – Koe Wetzel I left without a reason I think the reason was the fame And the game that I was playing played me ’til I went

Koe Wetzel – To Be Continued Lyrics

To Be Continued Lyrics – Koe Wetzel I have done nothing but lie to you I became the master of hiding the truth But lately I’m starting To feel bad

Koe Wetzel – Cheers Lyrics

Cheers Lyrics – Koe Wetzel Here’s to, um Everyone that’s enjoyed the records so far Here’s to Everybody who’s hated the records so far And here’s to Everybody else that’s

Koe Wetzel – Money Spent Lyrics

Money Spent Lyrics – Koe Wetzel All the money spent on you Can’t take me there way back where you left me On and on my way to you Just

Koe Wetzel – Creeps Lyrics

Creeps by Koe Wetzel I don’t need your love I don’t need your sympathy I don’t need your heart I just need some sober sleep Keep me in the dark

Koe Wetzel – April Showers Lyrics

April Showers Lyrics – Koe Wetzel They say April showers bring May flowers But it’s been dry as hell A four leaf clover can bring you closer To luck than

Koe Wetzel – Pre-Sellout Lyrics

Pre-Sellout Lyrics – Koe Wetzel Listen I know he wants to do this whole punk-country-rock-hillbilly shit But have you heard the record? It fucking sucks ass! I mean, listen, listen

Koe Wetzel – Kuntry & Wistern Lyrics

Kuntry & Wistern Lyrics – Koe Wetzel I think I’ve lost my fuckin’ mind, at least that’s what you told me I think I must be goin’ blind, your love’s

Koe Wetzel – Cold & Alone Lyrics

Cold & Alone Lyrics – Koe Wetzel She said I need to speak About the things that are bothering me I can’t explain the way I feel Is this heaven

Koe Wetzel – Lubbock Lyrics

Lubbock Lyrics – Koe Wetzel I’m gonna move on up to Lubbock for the weekend Gonna see how much trouble I can find Gonna move on up to Lubbock for

Koe Wetzel – SideChick Lyrics

SideChick Lyrics – Koe Wetzel I’d do anything for you So why don’t you love me? Why don’t you love me, yeah? Why don’t you love me? I’d do anything

Koe Wetzel – Drug Problem Lyrics

Drug Problem Lyrics – Koe Wetzel Well, I got a drug problem I’ll do anything I got a drug problem I got ’em running through my veins I got a