Koe Wetzel – Three Weeks Lyrics

Three Weeks Lyrics – Koe Wetzel

Three weeks
And I ain’t heard from you
It’s like you just disappeared into thin air
That I’m breathing in
Three weeks with nobody to yell at
With nobody to fight back
This shit don’t seem fair

And I kinda miss those movie nights
The ones where you’d get so mad when I’d pick my favorite film that we’ve seen a hundred times
And I miss you being home when I get home with another girl on my mind
I guess it’s fine that it’s only been three weeks

Three weeks
It must be bad that friends are callin’
To check if I’m still breathin’
And if my voice is still in tune
Three weeks
I don’t remember much at all
But everything is green and Xanax tells me that it ain’t the fall

And I miss you telling me to straighten up
Start acting like I give a fuck, yeah
I know I don’t, but that’s’ just the way that I am
And I miss those fake laughs you do
When I get high and make fun of you
Well, it’s funny at the time
It’s bad that you’re on my mind after three weeks
After three weeks

And I’ll stand my ground
If you stand yours too
I’m hoping this regret I have
Won’t beat me down that soon

‘Cause I hate this relationship
When you’re so sad and I haven’t slept
It’s not good for you to be feeling this way
And I drug this out for too damn long
I’m even pussy enough to sing this song
I can’t believe that it took me to see all of this in three weeks