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Category: Kojey Radical

Kojey Radical - Payback Lyrics

Kojey Radical – Payback Lyrics

Payback Lyrics – Kojey Radical Uh, payback, the beat payback Dark and bullseyes, the dress code black Count my money up, I need my racks Sellin’ a dream, but I’ma […]

Kojey Radical - Gangsta Lyrics

Kojey Radical – Gangsta Lyrics

Gangsta Lyrics – Kojey Radical I think my momma was a gangsta I think my daddy was a rolling stone I was looking for some answers While forgetting there was […]

Kojey Radical - Same Boat Lyrics

Kojey Radical – Same Boat Lyrics

Same Boat By Kojey Radical Yeah, yeah, yeah Gotta be, wanna be Gotta be, wanna be Gotta be, wanna be Wanna be, wanna Don’t think less of me, mama I’m […]

Kojey Radical – Cashmere Tears Lyrics

Cashmere Tears By Kojey Radical They don’t wanna say I’ve fallen for ya They don’t wanna make this simply more real That’s another soul for the broken hearted (broken hearted) Cashmere tears baby I’m […]