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Category: Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum – Crazy Love Lyrics

Crazy Love By Lady Antebellum I was lost Like a broken whiskey bottle in an alley You should’ve but you wouldn’t leave without me You took me home We were […]

Lady Antebellum – Alright Lyrics

Alright By Lady Antebellum I ain’t feelin’ pretty What I wanna wear don’t fit me And it’s messin’ with the way I see myself My tank is pushin’ empty I’m […]

Lady Antebellum – Mansion Lyrics

Mansion By Lady Antebellum I like nice things I like diamond rings I like Malibu beach sights Sleeping by your side, California king I like it downtown, valet Dressed up […]

Lady Antebellum – Boots Lyrics

Boots By Lady Antebellum Lyrics Have some scratches and some holes from rusty nails Have some dirt and dust from all those broken trails But you shine ’em up brand […]

Lady Antebellum – Ocean Lyrics

Ocean by Lady Antebellum: How can someone stand so damn close And feel like they’re world away? I can see your sad story eyes So how do you have no words to say? All […]