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Category: Lights

Lights - Batshit Lyrics

Lights – Batshit Lyrics

Batshit By Lights Track: Batshit (ft. MYTH) Album: Batshit Artist: Lights Released on: 2020-07-24 Batshit Lyrics: I’ll survive So crush life with a Swiss army knife Standing alone With all […]

Lights - Dead End Lyrics

Lights – Dead End Lyrics

Dead End By Lights It was a cheap shot, and I’m sorry All the money in the world doesn’t buy you faith, Don’t worry If you’re trying to lose me […]

LIGHTS – Same Sea Lyrics

Same Sea By LIGHTS Going the distance, every occasion Headed for somewhere out of the way Moving and shakin’ every persuasion Keepin’ us out there, caught in the waves Try […]

LIGHTS – Speeding Lyrics

Speeding By LIGHTS One by one out the door Wanted you, she wanted you, oh It’s okay, it’s okay I don’t mind movin’ on Don’t wait up, I’m already gone […]

LIGHTS – Child Lyrics

Child By LIGHTS What is this about? Where is everybody going? What am I doing here? Can’t separate what I really need to know and What I just want to […]