Lil Baby – Go Hard Lyrics

Go Hard Lyrics – Lil Baby I’m back goin’ hard again, I’m shutting down my heart again No one can’t get next to me, so they gotta put orders in

Lil Baby – Real Spill Lyrics

Real Spill Lyrics – Lil Baby Only love could bring us Bring us to this bitter plane I know that I’m beneficial, I can’t show no feelings, Bentley windows tinted

Lil Baby – Stand On It Lyrics

Stand On It Lyrics – Lil Baby Here we go again (Okay) Big body Benz (Skrrt) Cut off all my friends Choppas for my enemies Go and ask the streets

Lil Baby – Pop Out Lyrics

Pop Out Lyrics – Lil Baby Under 30, made the Forbes list I’m a walking script, record me This a .30 and a .40, switch make it hit fast as

Lil Baby – California Breeze Lyrics

California Breeze Lyrics – Lil Baby Yeah, made it out the trenches, this type of life I can get used to Number one on YouTube, private dinner in Malibu Show

Lil Baby – Perfect Timing Lyrics

Perfect Timing Lyrics – Lil Baby We did some shit that we wasn’t never pose to do If I ain’t put down, you still wouldn’t have a clue They say

Lil Baby – Never Hating Lyrics

Never Hating Lyrics – Lil Baby Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Fresh like the first day of the school on the weekend I put this shit on today, for no

Lil Baby – Not Finished Lyrics

Not Finished Lyrics – Lil Baby They call me ’round and they know who I am, yeah She got that WAP and the way that she use it Saliva with

Lil Baby – Waterfall Flow Lyrics

Waterfall Flow Lyrics – Lil Baby Baby, this that waterfall flow (Yeah, uh) Baby, this that waterfall flow Certain shit I’m not fascinated with, I can’t fake this shit My

Lil Baby – Everything Lyrics

Everything Lyrics – Lil Baby Gone in one minute Pulled up in the supercar, this joint limited edition Tried to tell you ahead of time, I wish you would have

Lil Baby – From Now On Lyrics

From Now On Lyrics – Lil Baby Yeah, FaceTime, we still talk in codes I think the feds on every iPhone No more Polo T-Shirts Put that shit on everyday

Lil Baby – Double Down Lyrics

Double Down Lyrics – Lil Baby All them members got they own money, you can challenge us How you spend a hundred-thirty thousand on a Challenger? This a demon, I

Lil Baby – Cost To Be Alive Lyrics

Cost To Be Alive Lyrics – Lil Baby It cost to be alive I won’t say I’m king of the jungle, but, I survived Watch the cookies crumble in front

Lil Baby – Top Priority Lyrics

Top Priority Lyrics – Lil Baby Anyone who came around, I turned em’ up Ain’t nobody gave me shit, I earned this stuff All cap aside, who really turnt as

Lil Baby – Stop Playin Lyrics

Stop Playin Lyrics – Lil Baby (feat. Jeremih) You got it, I want it, uh-huh Know you need some love, attention I’m ’bout it, let’s get it, let’s go Know

Lil Baby – FR Lyrics

FR Lyrics – Lil Baby Yeah, they can’t keep up with my ocean, this another wave Got a block, she got to watch me from her other page I can’t

Lil Baby – Back and Forth Lyrics

Back and Forth Lyrics – Lil Baby & EST Gee It’s like sixty girls, just me and gang, and no one got they phone Get into it, if she out

Lil Baby – Shiest Talk Lyrics

Shiest Talk Lyrics – Lil Baby (feat. Pooh Shiesty) Used to dream of driving foreigns had to grab one Of all my mama’s children, I’m the bad one. I admit

Lil Baby – No Fly Zone Lyrics

No Fly Zone Lyrics – Lil Baby Wonderin’ why I do so much, I love her Tryna make sure my whole family stay above water If you fall, I fall,

Lil Baby – Russian Roulette Lyrics

Russian Roulette Lyrics – Lil Baby Know my grandma happy, finally got my shit together Told bro we’ll take the time and we just stick together Every time bro catch