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Category: Lil Baby

Lil Baby – How Lyrics

How By Lil Baby M-M-M-Murda Runnin’ up this money been a freeze (Phew) Flew her and she fuck me ’till she bleed (Uh) She done fell in love, I’m sellin’ […]

Lil Baby – Grace Lyrics

Grace By Lil Baby Got a lotta new flames need ’em blue Three hundred fifty thou’, times that by two New down the roof, I still the sky Peace to […]

Lil Baby – Live Off My Closet Lyrics

Live Off My Closet By Lil Baby Who made this beat? Drippin’ Twysted Genius, baby I’m just drippin’ I could live out my closet before I go broke (Broke) I […]

Lil Baby – Same Thing Lyrics

Same Thing By Lil Baby Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up! I been type of guy she likes since middle school Never thought that I’d get famous, always know that […]

Lil Baby – Commercial Lyrics

Commercial By Lil Baby Tay Keith this too hard Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up I paid some [?] before we even come out And don’t even wear it to […]