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Category: Lil Skies


Life Of A Dark Rose (2018)

01.  Welcome to the Rodeo
02.  The Clique
03.  Red Roses
04.  Lust
05.  Cloudy Skies
06.  Signs of Jealousy
07.  Big Money
08.  Tell My Haters
09.  Boss Up
10.  Garden
11.  Lettuce Sandwich
12.  Strictly Business
13.  Kill4u
14.  Nowadays

Lil Skies – Real Ties Lyrics
Lil Skies 0

Lil Skies – Real Ties Lyrics

Real Ties Lyrics by Lil Skies [Lil Skies] People knowing that we lit, nigga They knowing that we lit [Lil Skies] Switch flows Switch cars, I switch hoes My shit […]