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Lil Skies - Red & Yellow Lyrics

Lil Skies – Red & Yellow Lyrics

Red & Yellow By Lil Skies Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah My car is red (My car is read) My diamond’s yellow Menoh My card is red and my diamonds yellow […]

Lil Skies - Riot Lyrics

Lil Skies – Riot Lyrics

Riot By Lil Skies CashMoneyAP Yeah (Yeah), yeah (Woah, woah, woah) I (Woah, woah, woah, woah) I (Yeah) Ayy Walkin’ dripped out, you see the details I got water on […]

Lil Skies – Fidget Lyrics

Fidget By Lil Skies Uh, uh, uh Yeah, yeah, aye, aye, aye Based1 got them bands, ho The whip don’t got no keys, I press the start and hit the […]

Lil Skies – Havin My Way Lyrics

Havin My Way By Lil Skies Yeah, I have my way Oh-oh, I have my way (Pharaoh got that heat, ho) Oh-oh, still have my way Oh-oh (Yeah) I’ma go […]

Lil Skies – Magic Lyrics

Magic by Lil Skies Yeah Roll one up and hit this magic Oh, yeah (Roll one up and hit this magic) Yeah Roll one and up hit this magic (Yeah!) […]