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Category: Luke Combs

Luke Combs – Tomorrow Me Lyrics

Tomorrow Me By Luke Combs The telephone rings Can I come over It’s kinda just the way things go Since we’ve been over I know what you want And I […]

Luke Combs – Cold As You Lyrics

Cold As You By Luke Combs Just a junked out joint off a backroad Blinking window sign with an arrow A gravel lot chock-full of toolbox trucks Making their happy […]

Luke Combs – Six Feet Apart Lyrics

Six Feet Apart By Luke Combs When the dogwoods start to bloom And the crickets hum their tune It’s usually about the time That I feel most alive But the […]

Luke Combs – Nothing Like You Lyrics

Nothing Like You By Luke Combs I’m on this red-eye rolling down a runway Window seat, nonstop one-way 2 pm, Gate B10, it can’t come soon enough I’ve got a […]