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Category: Luke Combs

Luke Combs – Nothing Like You Lyrics

Nothing Like You By Luke Combs I’m on this red-eye rolling down a runway Window seat, nonstop one-way 2 pm, Gate B10, it can’t come soon enough I’ve got a […]

Luke Combs – All Over Again Lyrics

All Over Again By Luke Combs Feels so familiar You walking in here Wearing just what you know makes me weak And I’m already ordering you a drink Baby, and […]

Luke Combs – Does To Me Lyrics

Does To Me By Luke Combs I was a third-string dreamer on a second-place team But I was hell on wheels with a full head of steam When coach put […]

Luke Combs – New Every Day Lyrics

New Every Day By Luke Combs I always thought that whiskey was just somethin’ that you sipped I always thought a smoke was somethin’ I’d never do again I thought […]

Luke Combs – Blue Collar Boys Lyrics

Blue Collar Boys By Luke Combs We were just river kids Pickin’ up stones like David did Watchin’ them longnecks break off of Freight Train Bridge We went to church […]

Luke Combs – 1, 2 Many Lyrics

1, 2 Many by Luke Combs Got a call from randy round six o’clock saying he got hanker for a honkytonk Wants an ice cold beer and a country song […]

Luke Combs – Reasons Lyrics

Reasons Lyrics by Luke Combs Dont know why you cant but wine around here on sundays Or an ice cold beer at a college football game. Dont know why at […]

Luke Combs – Steal My kiss Lyrics

Steal My kiss Lyrics by Luke Combs (Originally by Taylor Ray Holbrook) Girl I know you’re busy and that ain’t nothing new Girl lay it on the line cause there’s […]

Luke Combs – Dear Today Lyrics

Dear Today by Luke Combs Dear today, tomorrow here Man I was just checkin’ in, hope you been well Hey I’m doin’ alright, could always be better But I figure […]