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KC Rebell - Blöff Lyrics

KC Rebell – Blöff Lyrics

Blöff Lyrics – KC Rebell Vor dem Botox und Silikon Sahst du aus wie ein Hurensohn Unter Nutten bist du CEO Du willst nix machen, du willst nur die Lorbeere […]

January 2022 Album Releases

January 2022 Album Releases

List of New Albums Releases January 2022 January 14: Album Artists 1 CAPRISONGS FKA Twigs 2 Dominion Skillet 3 Are We Gonna Be Alright? Fickle Friends 4 6210 Brudi030 5 […]

Spiritualized - Crazy Lyrics

Spiritualized – Crazy Lyrics

Crazy Lyrics – Spiritualized I didn’t think it could happen again Love just fell out of the blue And it keeps on knocking, we can’t let it in I’m falling […]

WizTheMc - Stoned Nights Lyrics

WizTheMc – Stoned Nights Lyrics

Stoned Nights Lyrics – WizTheMc Sitting in the same park Where this love was Picture perfect rainstorm But I’m lost in Thoughts that I’m afraid of First we close now […]

Wild Pink - Florida Lyrics

Wild Pink – Florida Lyrics

Florida Lyrics – Wild Pink I was at the ocean With a troubled mind There was something that I can’t forget But I can’t remember what it is We froze […]

Justus Bennetts - Cool Kids Lyrics

Justus Bennetts – Cool Kids Lyrics

Cool Kids Lyrics – Justus Bennetts And all the cool kids peaked in highschool If you weren’t them, they didn’t like you I used to wanna be the same, now […]

Topher - Let's Go Brandon Lyrics

Topher – Let’s Go Brandon Lyrics

Let’s Go Brandon Lyrics – Topher Brandon, Brandon, Brandon Picked the wrong race, bud But don’t worry We givin’ everybody the smoke today Ayy Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go […]