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Kelly Clarkson - Glow Lyrics

Kelly Clarkson – Glow Lyrics

Glow Lyrics – Kelly Clarkson You’re the only one, only one I got my eyes on And I don’t need, I don’t need but a second, then I’m gone But […]

Stromae - Santé Lyrics

Stromae – Santé Lyrics

Santé Lyrics – Stromae À ceux qui n’en ont pas À ceux qui n’en ont pas Rosa, Rosa, quand on fout l’bordel, tu nettoies Et toi, Albert, quand on trinque, […]

Beau - Captivated Lyrics

Beau – Captivated Lyrics

Captivated Lyrics – Beau Call on my name Im waiting for the day we go way Out of bounds I know you would stay Out of dreams I know youll […]

Inner Wave - Fever Lyrics

Inner Wave – Fever Lyrics

Fever Lyrics – Inner Wave Another year What can I do with this time here Just another way to keep me alarmed Year 27 Under my belt I just wish […]

Chastity - Pummeling Lyrics

Chastity – Pummeling Lyrics

Pummeling Lyrics – Chastity Life’s a Brutal Shame, I’m Up to My Eyes in My Usual Misery Same Thing Every Day, I Run From Feeling Fucked Til It’s Jumping Me […]

Cimafunk - Caramelo Lyrics

Cimafunk – Caramelo Lyrics

Caramelo Lyrics – Cimafunk Oe a prepararse… a prepararse Agua, No quiero llanto No quiero llanto No quiero carencia Avanza Lo que te falta, lo tengo yo Lo que te […]

Chris Webby - Jedi’s Code Lyrics

Chris Webby – Jedi’s Code Lyrics

Jedi’s Code Lyrics – Chris Webby Yeah World’s a crazy place I’m just trying to keep my inner peace just like you New normal, that’s just what they say these […]