Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park – Misfits Lyrics

Misfits Lyrics – Magnolia Park You make me fucking sick And twisted You’re always taking shots You missed me Branded me with blood and lipstick Can’t get you off my

Magnolia Park – Addison Rae Lyrics

Addison Rae Lyrics – Magnolia Park Let me be like She’s got blonde hair just like It’s brown! And the song starts She got Blond hair just like Addison Rae

Magnolia Park – I should’ve listened to my friends Lyrics

I should’ve listened to my friends Lyrics – Magnolia Park You got me fucked up in my head, head You got me fucked up in my head, head Hold on

Magnolia Park – Gravedigger Lyrics

Gravedigger Lyrics – Magnolia Park (feat. Chad Tepper) I’ma I’ma I’ma grave digger I’m a gravedigger And you’re my pain dealer You can take all this pain You’re my painkiller

Magnolia Park – Tokyo Lyrics

Tokyo Lyrics – Magnolia Park (feat. Christo Bowman) Met her in the darkness We had a date with the moon speaking tight lips The way we thinking got the devil

Magnolia Park – Serious Lyrics

Serious Lyrics – Magnolia Park Stop taking me serious I’m just a little dark soul So mysterious to you I’m lost can’t see truth I’ll always bring you down Who

Magnolia Park – Feel Something Lyrics

Feel Something Lyrics – Magnolia Park I wanna sing out loud And jump around I wanna touch the sky Mosh in the crowd I wanna feel something I wanna feel

Magnolia Park – Kids Like Us Lyrics

Kids Like Us Lyrics – Magnolia Park Wanted a knife in my throat Felt like this since 12 years old My friends thought it was a joke They laughed as

Magnolia Park – 2009 Lyrics

2009 Lyrics – Magnolia Park Woke up again With a gun to my head Swear it’s not a mistake It’s the feeling I dread The ceilings on my chest Kinda