Mahalia – Terms and Conditions Lyrics

Terms and Conditions Lyrics – Mahalia If you want my love Then let’s discuss The man you’re required to be If you tell me lies You get three strikes There’s

Mahalia – Bag Of You Lyrics

Bag Of You Lyrics – Mahalia Coffee and a morning kiss for breakfast Eye to eye, you’re playin’ with my necklace My God, that smile is so infectious Baby, baby,

Mahalia – Forever Lyrics

Forever Lyrics – Mahalia If I say it too much does “I love you” begin to lose meaning? Not the type to hold back what I’m feeling These boundaries don’t

Mahalia – Letter To Ur N(ex)t Lyrics

Letter To Ur N(ex)t Lyrics – Mahalia Let me introduce myself properly Though it’s clear, you already heard about me When he told you ’bout the breakup, did he blame


IN THE CLUB Lyrics – MAHALIA Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, yeah-yeah Hey I’m done with living in places where I recognise Too many faces I’d rather leave behind (Huh) People

Mahalia – Whatever Simon Says Lyrics

Locker Lyrics – Mahalia I’ve never been the kinda girl to welcome your interest I heard that you like a little black dress so I wear red I’ve never been

Mahalia – Letter To Ur Ex Lyrics

Letter To Ur Ex Lyrics – Mahalia Last night, you sent a text to him Made us have a fight, made a mess of it I know you’re his ex

Mahalia – Roadside Lyrics

Roadside Lyrics Mahalia Damn, I’m really hurtin’ Boy, you got me hurtin’ I feel it in my chest, yeah, I feel it in my chest and it’s burnin’ Got me

Mahalia – Whenever You’re Ready Lyrics

Whenever You’re Ready Lyrics – Mahalia I won’t lie to you Said you needed space In a rage, I was scared to say bye to you I didn’t understand why

Mahalia – Jealous Lyrics

Jealous Lyrics – Mahalia From the Southside (What’s up, skrr) Summer’s outside, chillin’, Westside (Skrr) You know what I do, yeah Thick in my thighs too, huh Baby, you’re so

Mahalia – BRB (Remix) Lyrics

BRB (Remix) Song Lyrics Description:- ​​​​​BRB Remix Lyrics Mahalia ft. Pink Sweat$ are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous singer Mahalia. This

Mahalia – Too Nice Lyrics

Too Nice By Mahalia Baby, don’t speak If you think it’s all in my head Then we should just leave it, you keep it We can put this straight to

Mahalia – Plastic Plants Lyrics

Plastic Plants By Mahalia I wanna love you like in movies A ticket for two, please You could’ve been that man If this was really showbiz, you would give me

Mahalia – BRB Lyrics

BRB By Mahalia Woke up this morning and I looked to my left Thought you were here, baby Realised and got a sudden pain in my chest Thought you were

Mahalia – Hide Out Lyrics

Hide Out by Mahalia Can anyone live with Eartha Kitt? That’s not for me to decide That’s for someone who decides to live with me to decide Not for me

Mahalia – I Wish I Missed My Ex Lyrics

I Wish I Missed My Ex by Mahalia Every time the weekend comes, yeah I know that it won’t be long, yeah ‘Til you‘re gonna call my phone, yeah You’ll

Mahalia – Good Company Lyrics

Good Company by Mahalia I like to watch when you walk to my door Put your cigarette out on the floor, yeah I love that when we stare, you’re the

Mahalia – What Am I? Lyrics

What Am I? by Mahalia I’m deep in my groove, I’m not over you But I’m tryna be inspired, uh It’s just not working today, don’t want you to think

Mahalia – Regular People Lyrics

Regular People by Mahalia Put your hands up if you love your body Put your hands up if you love your mommy Put your hands up if you love your

Mahalia – Karma Lyrics

Karma by Mahalia I got this burning feeling Up inside my bones You know I’ve been calling “Baby, are you home?” I know your girl set the bar and she’s