Majid Jordan – Love Unconditional Lyrics

Love Unconditional Lyrics – Majid Jordan That love unconditional (Love unconditional) That love unconditional (Love unconditional) I remember when I used to bathe in the comfort your shades ’til I

Majid Jordan – Sway Lyrics

Sway Lyrics – Majid Jordan Come on, uh Let’s go (Ooh, ooh) Can you dance with me? (Ooh, ooh) Yeah, just like that Temptation, conversation, I hear what you saying

Majid Jordan – Sweet Lyrics

Sweet Lyrics – Majid Jordan All that matters in the end Are the moments that we spend I’m an addict, I’m a mess You’re my lover, you know me best

Majid Jordan – Summer Rain Lyrics

Summer Rain Lyrics – Majid Jordan A fire at night, a beautiful sight I light up the sky, I’m sending an SOS The darker the blue, I’m thinking of you

Majid Jordan – Waves of Blue Lyrics

Waves of Blue Lyrics – Majid Jordan I wanna hold you close Don’t wanna let you go Be with you night and day ‘Cause I’ve been feeling so low Don’t

Majid Jordan – U Lyrics

U Lyrics By Majid Jordan Black cloud over my bed There’s no use trying to pretend I’m losing myself again I’m not feeling a hundred percent Been thinking about what

Majid Jordan – Her Lyrics

Her Lyrics By Majid Jordan “Her” by Majid Jordan from the album A Place Like This released on July 17, 2014 I got her, in the palm of, my hand

Majid Jordan – All I Do Lyrics

All I Do Lyrics By Majid Jordan You call, you say, just let it be I care, I say you mean too much to me It’s real, there’s no one

Majid Jordan – Forever Lyrics

Forever Lyrics By Majid Jordan Oh, ah, oh, ah, oh, ah Oh, ah, oh, ah, oh, ah Oh, ah, oh, ah, oh, ah Can’t stop the way that you make

Majid Jordan – Superstar Lyrics

Superstar by Majid Jordan LYRICS I just wanna spend my life with you (With you) Go around the world and to the moon (With you) I just wanna share the

Majid Jordan – Caught Up Lyrics

Caught Up Lyrics by Majid Jordan (feat. Khalid) How many wrongs can I right? How many? How many wrongs in a night? How many wrongs in a night? Oh, Ooo

Majid Jordan – Spirit Lyrics

Spirit Lyrics A thousand times I wait Yeah I’ve been lying awake The time ain’t right oh let me go Time ain’t right oh wait, hey I’ve got lots to give