Malia Civetz

Malia Civetz – 25 Lyrics

25 Lyrics – Malia Civetz The movies told me I’d be dancing, fallin in love But I’m just tryna pay my rent ya that’s hard enough Turns out I’m not

Malia Civetz – Love Thing Lyrics

Love Thing By Malia Civetz If we lived like a thousand lives Still might never know It could be wrong but feel so right And that’s the way it goes

Malia Civetz – Disrespectful Lyrics

Disrespectful By Malia Civetz Track: Disrespectful Album: Disrespectful Artists: Malia Civetz Released on: 2020-07-24 Disrespectful Lyrics: I never been in this kinda situation I want you, you want me you

Malia Civetz – Just A Little Crush Lyrics

It’s just a little crush not like i faint Every time we touch It’s just some little thing not like everything i do Depends on you No you don’t care

Malia Civetz – Little Victories Lyrics

Little Victories by Malia Civetz Released : 2018 Took what we had and I blew it up Never wanted to do it Now we’re living in ruins Took what we