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Category: Maren Morris

Girl Track (Album 2019)

1. “Girl
2. “The Feels
3. “All My Favorite People” (Feat. Brothers Osborne)
4. “A Song for Everything
5. “Common” (Feat. Brandi Carlile)
6. “Flavor
7. “Make Out With Me
8. “Gold Love
9. “Great Ones
10. “RSVP
11. “To Hell & Back
12. “The Bones
13. “Good Woman
14. “Shade

Maren Morris – Flavor Lyrics

Flavor Lyrics By Maren Morris Ain’t gonna water down my words Or sugar up my spice Sometimes the truth Don’t always come out nice Just gonna do me And you […]

Maren Morris – A Song for Everything Lyrics

Maren Morris – A Song for Everything Lyrics

A Song for Everything Lyrics By Maren Morris What’s your time machine? Is it Springsteen or Teenage Dream? What’s your takes-you-back? Your first falling-in-love soundtrack? When you were looking for […]

Maren Morris – The Feels Lyrics

The Feels Lyrics By Maren Morris From the second that we walk in You kinda make me wanna leave You let your eyes do the talking It kinda makes me […]