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Category: Maren Morris

Girl Track (Album 2019)

1. “Girl
2. “The Feels
3. “All My Favorite People” (Feat. Brothers Osborne)
4. “A Song for Everything
5. “Common” (Feat. Brandi Carlile)
6. “Flavor
7. “Make Out With Me
8. “Gold Love
9. “Great Ones
10. “RSVP
11. “To Hell & Back
12. “The Bones
13. “Good Woman
14. “Shade

Maren Morris - Just for Now Lyrics

Maren Morris – Just for Now Lyrics

Just for Now By Maren Morris Somethin’ came out of the ashes And I don’t know how it happened Darlin’, I’ll just quit askin’ ‘Cause it feels alright I held […]

Maren Morris – Kingdom of One Lyrics

Kingdom of One Lyrics by Maren Morris [Maren Morris] First light, a sacrifice Bird’s eye, saw the signs Cold nights will take your life Reach out and touch your faith […]

Maren Morris – Shade Lyrics

Shade Lyrics By Maren Morris I was mixed up in the shadows casting over me Blending in the background of someone else’s dream Then I caught your light, then I […]

Maren Morris – Good Woman Lyrics

Good Woman Lyrics By Maren Morris When you were young There were some things You had planned out A map of your dreams If some pull through And if some […]

Maren Morris – RSVP Lyrics

RSVP Lyrics By Maren Morris Don’t tell me that you got better plans For those velvet hands They’re in demand Don’t tell me that you’re not a little curious Don’t […]