Maren Morris – The Furthest Thing Lyrics

The Furthest Thing Lyrics – Maren Morris Three weeks gone, miss your face Same old songs, different stage Hear your voice, ain’t the same Wanna feel you closer, now I’m

Maren Morris – Tall Guys Lyrics

Tall Guys Lyrics – Maren Morris Some people like the beach Some people like the mountains Some are wishing on the stars Or throwing pennies in a fountain But when

Maren Morris – Hummingbird Lyrics

Hummingbird Lyrics – Maren Morris You’re Mexico in the Winter You’re Tennessee in the Spring You come and go like a whisper Leaving me the most beautiful dream Hummingbird, hummingbird

Maren Morris – Good Friends Lyrics

Good Friends Lyrics – Maren Morris Sometimes I don’t understand you Sometimes you don’t understand me Bridges are burning all over But not on our street Sometimes you take me

Maren Morris – Humble Quest Lyrics

Humble Quest Lyrics – Maren Morris Haven’t looked up in a while Been biting my tongue behind a smile Falling on swords that I can’t see Poison my well on

Maren Morris – Nervous Lyrics

Nervous Lyrics – Maren Morris You make me nervous Putting my reservations out of service Making me feel like every secret’s worth it, it’s working I’m trying to hide my

Maren Morris – Takes Two Lyrics

Takes Two By Maren Morris What have you done with yourself? ‘Cause I can’t look away You’re makin’ me melt Now I’m runnin’ late Keep on blamin’ myself ‘Cause I

Maren Morris – Just for Now Lyrics

Just for Now By Maren Morris Somethin’ came out of the ashes And I don’t know how it happened Darlin’, I’ll just quit askin’ ‘Cause it feels alright I held

Maren Morris – Kingdom of One Lyrics

Kingdom of One Lyrics by Maren Morris [Maren Morris] First light, a sacrifice Bird’s eye, saw the signs Cold nights will take your life Reach out and touch your faith

Maren Morris – Shade Lyrics

Shade Lyrics By Maren Morris I was mixed up in the shadows casting over me Blending in the background of someone else’s dream Then I caught your light, then I

Maren Morris – Good Woman Lyrics

Good Woman Lyrics By Maren Morris When you were young There were some things You had planned out A map of your dreams If some pull through And if some

Maren Morris – RSVP Lyrics

RSVP Lyrics By Maren Morris Don’t tell me that you got better plans For those velvet hands They’re in demand Don’t tell me that you’re not a little curious Don’t

Maren Morris – Great Ones Lyrics

Great Ones Lyrics By Maren Morris Before you found me Baby, my heart and all around me Was like a graveyard I didn’t sleep alone But never felt more lonely

Maren Morris – Gold Love Lyrics

Gold Love Lyrics By Maren Morris Baby, I was way past the point of saving But you didn’t try to save me You just let it be Called me up