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Category: Mariee Sioux

Mariee Sioux – My Birds Lyrics

My Birds Lyrics by Mariee Sioux Empty Where she once filled a void in my home But It’s ok I’ll live while alone circles the womb Afraid of the “we” […]

Mariee Sioux – Never Known Lyrics

Never Known Lyrics by Mariee Sioux Never known this kind of love Like my heart found her den of cubs Never known this kind of fear The pheasant feels the […]

Mariee Sioux – Goose Song Lyrics

Goose Song Lyrics by Mariee Sioux Where has my goose gone? Down as soft as light of dawn Where did my goose go? Was he lost to blinding snow? Where […]

Mariee Sioux – Baby Wave Lyrics

Baby Wave Lyrics by Mariee Sioux Tried to carry a baby wave To her cradle but she slipped away Even boat arms could not save her From a red coral […]

Mariee Sioux – Black Snakes Lyrics

Black Snakes Lyrics by Mariee Sioux Our skin tied over the drum An elder’s eyes into the woods did run Children tied into the drum A newborn’s tears with the […]