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Category: Matthew Mole

Matthew Mole – Autumn Lyrics

Autumn By Matthew Mole And go see the world Speak of your understanding Make one thing known That we are held in merciful hands And you are the way home […]

Matthew Mole – Let Me Lyrics

Let Me By Matthew Mole My always, forever, the light in the dark And I found it, the treasure, your beautiful heart And will every piece of mine I love […]

Matthew Mole – Colours Lyrics

Colours By Matthew Mole Every minute, every hour of the day Remind me of the sanity you let me throw away With every piece of me, will be a piece […]

Matthew Mole – Kilimanjaro Lyrics

Kilimanjaro By Matthew Mole Lyrics We’re side by side, we fall asleep We own the night, we’ve learnt to dream But where did I see wrong from right I never […]