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Category: Miguel

Rich the Kid – Woah Lyrics

Woah Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. Miguel & Ty Dolla $ign) [Miguel:] I wanna ride ’til the sun just I like the sound my name on your tongue ‘Cause […]

Miguel – Vote Lyrics

Vote by Miguel Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. [contact-form-7 id=”151140″ title=”Submit Lyrics”]

RL Grime – Light Me Up Lyrics

Light Me Up by RL Grime (Feat. Miguel & Julia Michaels) You can dry your tears every time us change Calm your fears, you can climb again We forget that […]

Miguel – Now Lyrics

Now by Miguel Released : 2017 CEO of the free world now Build your walls up high and wide Make it rain to keep them out That won’t change what […]

Miguel – Anointed Lyrics

Anointed by Miguel Released : 2017 Yeah…yeah… Lay your face on the pillow Push the covers where they belong I can’t take my eyes off you We both know what […]

Miguel – Caramelo Duro Lyrics

Caramelo Duro by Miguel Released : 2017 Dulce, dulce, dulce, dulce Jaw Breaker to my demise (oh la la la la la) Blood sugar I feel it rise (oh la […]

Miguel – City of Angels Lyrics

City of Angels by Miguel Released : 2017 Fighter jets over my city, uh Cool car trails in the sky, yeah It’s breaking news all over TV We were hit […]

Miguel – Harem Lyrics

Harem by Miguel Released : 2017 Do you like, pretty things Pretty places, pretty beings Every night, dreamy scenes Float away, away with us Love and trust, is what you […]

Miguel – Wolf Lyrics

Wolf by Miguel Released : 2017 [Miguel:] Sittin’ here starin’ at the moon Thinkin’ it’ll be time soon I won’t be in control, yeah Hide your kids and hide your […]

Miguel – Banana Clip Lyrics

Banana Clip by Miguel Released : 2017 There’s a war, on love Just look around you It’s hard to know, who to trust I’m glad I found you You and […]

Miguel – Sky Walker Lyrics

Sky Walker by Miguel Released : 2017 [Miguel:] Quick to dead the bull like a matador Quick to dead the bull like a matador Bull, bull, bull like a matador […]

Miguel – Criminal Lyrics

Criminal by Miguel Released : 2017 [Miguel] Got a mind full of TN-T I need a lunatic just like me Paint the sky with a brush fire, yeah Like la […]

Miguel – Remember Me (Dúo) Lyrics

Remember Me (Dúo) by Miguel Feat. Natalia Released : 2017 Remember me Though I have to say goodbye Remember me Don’t let it make you cry For ever if I’m […]