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Category: Mike Posner

Mike Posner – Amen Lyrics

Amen By Mike Posner Lyrics Dear god, life, love, the universe whatever name you like to use We ask that you allow tonight to be another one of our best […]

Mike Posner – God’s Lottery Lyrics

God’s Lottery By Mike Posner Lyrics A one God’s lottery, dad’s still watchin’ me That’s comradery, woah, woah, woah The game ain’t new to me, you’re nothin’ they can do […]

Mike Posner - Come Home Lyrics

Mike Posner – Come Home Lyrics

Come Home By Mike Posner Lyrics Life’s crazy My parents worry ’bout me ‘Cause didn’t talk to nobody, just made beats And now I get paid by the syllable Gotta […]

Mike Posner, Talib Kweli - Legacy Lyrics

Mike Posner, Talib Kweli – Legacy Lyrics

Legacy by Mike Posner, Talib Kweli LYRICS (Legacy) I can see the future (Legacy) I know who I am (Legacy) I think I can feel my (Legacy) Lega-lega-legacy Legacy, is when you […]

Mike Posner – Nothing Is Wrong Lyrics

Nothing Is Wrong by Mike Posner: I can worry, I can overthink things That’s exactly when I tend to wanna drink things Tend to wanna smoke things ‘Til I realized there’s no thing outside […]

Mike Posner – Slow It Down Lyrics

Slow It Down by Mike Posner: I’m in prison and I think I built my own cell Prophets speak softly, homie, they don’t yell Only those that hear my music […]

Mike Posner - Prince Akeem Lyrics

Mike Posner – Prince Akeem Lyrics

Prince Akeem By Mike Posner (ft. Wiz Khalifa) David Banner, they Good  mornin’ This  that alarm clock song I made it for you to wake up to Ah You  know […]

Mike Posner - Noah's Ark Lyrics

Mike Posner – Noah’s Ark Lyrics

Noah’s Ark Lyrics [Mike Posner] Open your eyes Make room for a little sweet love The Lord is all around you, child And that’s what you’re made of Remember… There […]

Mike Posner - Move On Lyrics

Mike Posner – Move On Lyrics

Move On Lyrics by Mike Posner [Mike Posner] I wish Tracy Chapman was my friend She would know exactly what to say Beginnings always hide themselves in ends At some […]

Mike Posner – Ibiza Lyrics

I took a pill in Ibiza To show Avicii I was cool And when I finally got sober, felt 10 years older But f--- it, it was something to do […]