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Category: Mike Posner

Mike Posner – Nothing Is Wrong Lyrics

Nothing Is Wrong by Mike Posner: I can worry, I can overthink things That’s exactly when I tend to wanna drink things Tend to wanna smoke things ‘Til I realized there’s no thing outside […]

Mike Posner – Slow It Down Lyrics

Slow It Down by Mike Posner: I’m in prison and I think I built my own cell Prophets speak softly, homie, they don’t yell Only those that hear my music […]

Mike Posner - Prince Akeem Lyrics

Mike Posner – Prince Akeem Lyrics

Prince Akeem By Mike Posner (ft. Wiz Khalifa) David Banner, they Good  mornin’ This  that alarm clock song I made it for you to wake up to Ah You  know […]

Mike Posner - Noah's Ark Lyrics

Mike Posner – Noah’s Ark Lyrics

Noah’s Ark Lyrics [Mike Posner] Open your eyes Make room for a little sweet love The Lord is all around you, child And that’s what you’re made of Remember… There […]

Mike Posner - Move On Lyrics

Mike Posner – Move On Lyrics

Move On Lyrics by Mike Posner [Mike Posner] I wish Tracy Chapman was my friend She would know exactly what to say Beginnings always hide themselves in ends At some […]