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Category: Milky Chance


  • Blossom (Album 2017)

01 – Blossom
02 – Ego
03 – Firebird
04 – Doing Good
05 – Clouds
06 – Cold Blue Rain
07 – Stay
08 – Bad Things
09 – Cocoon
10 – Losing You
11 – Peripeteia
12 – Alive
13 – Piano Song
14 – Heartless

Milky Chance – Fallen Lyrics

Fallen By Milky Chance Just like the wave fits on the coast Just like a road knows where to go Well, have you ever seen the light Touch on the ever make it right? […]

Milky Chance – Right From Here Lyrics

Right From Here By Milky Chance Spending my time at night Dally can’t cosmo-lise Treasures I’m thinking of Never get close enough To fall I don’t want to fall Please don’t let me […]

Milky Chance – Scarlet Paintings Lyrics

Scarlet Paintings By Milky Chance Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been here not far too long We were falling and laughing, now we’re falling apart My baby blue, this is how I feel for […]

Milky Chance – Long Run Lyrics

Long Run By Milky Chance I never wanted you to leave your seat dead This is just the way you feel I never wanted you to see the feelings Just step out of me […]

Milky Chance – Oh Mama Lyrics

Oh Mama By Milky Chance Slowly we are falling through the cracks It just feels like something we regret Don’t know what to do and how to act Out of my means or that’s […]

Milky Chance – Rush Lyrics

Rush By Milky Chance Lyrics I’ve been running circles with the moonlight With the moonlight all around I just keep on facing up the true side Oh, the true side of my room […]

Milky Chance – Fado Lyrics

Fado by Milky Chance: Fado Lyrics: Colorful, colorful Hard to get painted black (Fado) Beautiful, beautiful Doesn’t know maniac (Fado) Fragile soul, fragile soul (Fragile soul) Never knows how to act (Fado) Give […]

Milky Chance – The Game Lyrics

The Game by Milky Chance: I’m about to lose the allusion, my heart Pictures I thought that could faint Colours I’ve just come along [?] Like it ain’t never gonna be the same […]

Milky Chance – Firebird Lyrics

Firebird by Milky Chance Album : Blossom Genre : Alternative Rock Released : 2017 There’s may be some but none like you We’ll be understood ’cause you’re the truth Give […]

Milky Chance – Ego Lyrics

Ego by Milky Chance Album : Blossom Genre : Alternative Rock Released : 2017 Ego, see your ego Ego, see your ego, oh, oh I’m missing my miss of roses […]