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Category: Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert – Track Record Lyrics

Track Record By Miranda Lambert Lyrics Another date with the devil on Saturday night Another Bible in my hand on Sunday morning Last one I left standing in the drive […]

Miranda Lambert – Fire Escape Lyrics

Fire Escape By Miranda Lambert Lyrics We’ll smoke like a couple in the 1960s Lit up like a pair of Woodstock hippies Looking down on a town where it don’t […]

Miranda Lambert – Holy Water Lyrics

Holy Water By Miranda Lambert Lyrics They’re sellin’ snake oil from the pulpit At the church on Main They’re makin’ deals with the devil In the good Lord’s name I’m […]

Miranda Lambert – Settling Down Lyrics

Settling Down By Miranda Lambert Lyrics Should I give up sunsets For marigold mornings? Should I look for rainbows Or wait for the rain? Is happiness on the highway Or […]

Miranda Lambert – Bluebird Lyrics

Bluebird by Miranda Lambert Yeah, I’m a turner I  turn pages all the time Don’t  like where I’m at 34 was bad So I just turn to 35 Yeah,  I’m […]

Mess with My Head

Miranda Lambert – Mess with My Head Lyrics

Mess with My Head By Miranda Lambert I had the palace looking nice and neat Two feather pillows with expensive sheets Sitting so pretty on my velvet couch Before you came around You […]

Miranda Lambert – Locomotive Lyrics

Locomotive Lyrics by Miranda Lambert I’m like a locomotive, I don’t run out of steam I’m headed toward the reservoir and I’m gonna need a drink I ain’t no Napa […]

Miranda Lambert – Getaway Driver Lyrics

Getaway Driver Lyrics by Miranda Lambert When she’s feeling reckless Tangled in her messes Wild eyes lookin’ for a chase There’s nothing white lines can’t erase So I keep the […]