Nasty C – SMA Lyrics

SMA Lyrics – Nasty C (feat. Rowlene) How did I? End up falling for you I find myself calling for you Into the dark I followed you but I should’ve

Nasty C – Said Lyrics

Said Lyrics – Nasty C & Runtown Up with the weights, I work (work, work) Down with the pack, I roll (I roll, roll) Now up with the sack and

Nasty C – Blackout Lyrics

Blackout Lyrics by Nasty C Blackout, blackout, blackout Blackout, blackout, blackout Black in, blackout, Black in, blackout Black in, blackout, Black in, blackout Yeah I’m a low sheddy baby I

Nasty C – No Big Deal Lyrics

No Big Deal Lyrics – Nasty C When I first met Sarkodie, he wouldn’t shake my hand, cool I’m not too proud to say I’m still a fan But I

Lyrics Nasty C – B@r

B@r (bar) Lyrics – Nasty C Ya, ya, ya, ya Ya, ya, ya, ya Ya, ya, huh? Ya, ya, ya, ya, huh? Splurging on myself once again Spilling dirty on

Nasty C – Aye Lyrics

Aye Lyrics – Nasty C Yeah Tryna figure out how to go about it I see right through these cappin niggas still got the nerve to lie about it My

Nasty C – What I Like Lyrics

What I Like Lyrics – Nasty C Nails did Hair did Ass fat Pretty face She can get it tonight Pair of heels Gucci Bag Icy bitch Got some class

Nasty C – Born To Win Lyrics

Born To Win Lyrics – Nasty C Ah First we will fail and then we get back up on ’cause we never was born to quit You won’t prevail from

Nasty C – Extravagant Lyrics

Extravagant Lyrics – Nasty C I wanna live an extravagant life Extravagant kid Extravagant wife Minding my business and handle it right I’m going crazy I’m trampling light Get in

Nasty C – Import Lyrics

Import Lyrics – Nasty C I need my whips imported I need my chips imported I need my bitch imported Of course, of course Bitch I’m very important Got a

Nasty C – Loco Lyrics

Loco Lyrics – Nasty C Jordan, what the fuck? I go loco Hey hey loco Hey hey loco Hey hey loco Hey hey loco Hey hey loco Hey hey loco

Nasty C – Can’t Imagine Lyrics

Can’t Imagine Lyrics – Nasty C I can’t imagine my kingly self trying to mingle with yal’ Or talking down on those above me just to fish for applause They

Nasty C – Stalling Lyrics

Stalling Lyrics – Nasty C You can just leave if you wanna leave If you don’t wanna go the whole way there with me, then goodbye, goodbye You can tell

Nasty C – Best I Ever Had Lyrics

Best I Ever Had Lyrics – Nasty C Hmm, slide Ooh, slide Slide, ooh, slide Yeah, ayy Mellow shit, I’m tryna mellow but she text me some Othello shit I

Nasty C – Yessirski (C-Mix) Lyrics

Yessirski (C-Mix) Lyrics – Nasty C I can’t let you fuck, you not worthy (You not worthy) I do beats dirty yessirski (Yessirski) I go to gym on that hoe,

Nasty C – King Shit Lyrics

King Shit By Nasty C Ooh-ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh This is how it feel to be on top

Nasty C – Steve Biko Lyrics

Steve Biko By Nasty C Ayy my bitch drink Coca-Cola I drink Kool-Aid One day she gon’ fuck another bad bitch and I know that Shit, I’m with the program

Nasty C – That’s Hard Lyrics

That’s Hard By Nasty C How much you wanna bet if I talk to her, she gon’ cry, cry, cry? How much you wanna bet about a year ago, I

Nasty C – Overpriced Steak Lyrics

Overpriced Steak By Nasty C Lately my attire been fire, I’m in my case In and out of meetings, my dancing shoes on a break Talking stakes, over overpriced steak

Nasty C – Feeling Lyrics

Feeling By Nasty C Yeah Okay, okay, okay, ayy (Eee) Damn, talk, hmm Hmm (Yeah) Ayy, ayy, yeah, damn, damn Ayy, drama and stress Chasing me down on a highway