Nasty C – She’s Gone & The End Lyrics

She’s Gone & The End Lyrics by Nasty C

Sitting here talking to God
Asking why he did so wrong
He snatched you out of my arms
I was just a baby boy
Waiting for my baby’s voice
With my baby toys

Why is the living room so quiet at dawn
Why is everybody trying to keep me calm
As I wait for your call
I ask them why you’re taking so long
They reply baby she’s gone
Baby she’s gone
She’s gone
She’s gone

Swimming with the sharks
In the deep end
Ain’t no vulnerability in these ends
Chasing after Money
Chasing after these Ms
Let me tell you how my little story begins

Okay it was 98
Mama left us weeping
Last thing she heard was bullets flying
People screaming

I was bout to turn 1 in a couple weekends
Who the fuck can celebrate when everybody greiving
If I knew who was responsible
I would go get even

Can’t imagine how my daddy made it through that evening
Thinking bout it makes me evil
I hate people
I know that won’t bring her back so I just keep it peaceful

Yeah, I try my best to walk a straight line
By they wanna try my patience a hundred times
Tryna stop from detonating
The stakes high
Man I need you to be patient, it takes time

They used to tell me fly high
Now they say burn underneath
Everybody say they ride but they ain’t turning the key
Made my mission to provide then I turned into a G

I take Ls
Cause I take leaps
Giving game out for the free
You gon learn in HD

Hell yeah
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah