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Category: NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy – Home Tonight Lyrics

Home Tonight By NBA YoungBoy (Youngboy Never Broke Again) How the f--- a n---- dead, you think I’m worrying about a n---- dead killing me? Yeah, f--- you if you […]


SLIME MENTALITY by NBA YOUNGBOY My mama slime, my sister slime My brother slime, my brother slime My daddy slime, yeah he slime Aye how you wanna do it? How you wanna do […]

Rich the Kid – For Keeps Lyrics

For Keeps Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. NBA Youngboy) (Chase Money Ap) My heart cold, I bet the angels agree These n----- fake, I don’t f--- with them They […]

NBA Youngboy – Dope Lamp Lyrics

Dope Lamp Lyrics by NBA Youngboy Pour up Tre up on the track Purpp come from overseas Bounty hunter, head on, he’s a gangster He been thuggin’ tryna keep his […]

NBA YoungBoy – Blasian Lyrics

Blasian Lyrics by Nba Youngboy Bought my nitch a Birken bag But you cool up on they a-- I told you leave ’cause I wasn’t ready I couldn’t get her […]