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Category: Nightwish

Nightwish – Shoemaker lyrics

Shoemaker By Nightwish Now you’ve been tucked in For eternal earthrise and wonder A sailor through aeons Story unheard Howling at the Earth Yours the whole graveyard of heavens A […]

Nightwish – Harvest lyrics

Harvest By Nightwish My harvest will come, tiny valorous straw Among the millions facing to the sun I will pause before a man whose path has just begun Something unsung […]

Nightwish – Pan lyrics

Pan By Nightwish Once there was a silent canvas Sleeping stories unimagined Birth of what if’s, hope and wonder Winds will be named, words will shelter Then, something wicked their […]

Nightwish – Procession lyrics

Procession By Nightwish A cradle Earth, horizons unseen New world in thirst, for the arcane We are, singers of the gone We remember, as along came life A cradle Earth, […]

Nightwish – Tribal lyrics

Tribal By Nightwish 10000 tales for the curious kind Bazaar of heavens for a hive mind Abraham cut into three Man found gods and began to preach Suffering loves faythe […]