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Category: Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle – Double Up Lyrics

Double Up by Nipsey Hussle [Nipsey Hussle & Belly] Double up Three or four times, I ain’t tellin no lies, I just run it up Never let a hard time […]

Nipsey Hussle – Real Big Lyrics

Real Big by Nipsey Hussle [Nipsey Hussle] Real big, real big, I knew one day I would do it real big Real shit, real shit, I know all my real […]

Nipsey Hussle – Loaded Bases Lyrics

Nipsey Hussle – Loaded Bases Lyrics

Loaded Bases by Nipsey Hussle [Nipsey Hussle] Loaded bases, that’s my motivation Niggas feelin’ lucky, we should go to Vegas 2018 mode of transportation Got me feelin’ over-anxious like a […]