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Category: NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa - Final Warning Lyrics

NLE Choppa – Final Warning Lyrics

Final Warning Lyrics – NLE Choppa Dun, dun, dun NLE the Top Shotta got the bombs like Al-Qaeda Damn E, this shit exclusive Ayy, ayy Never send a threat on […]

NLE Choppa - Protect Lyrics

NLE Choppa – Protect Lyrics

Protect Lyrics – NLE Choppa Yeah, NLE the Top Shotta Got the bombs like Al-Qaeda Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah I said I’m the booth with pneumonia symptoms But they might just say […]

NLE Choppa - Jiggin Lyrics

NLE Choppa – Jiggin Lyrics

Jiggin Lyrics – NLE Choppa Couple million for a check, might have a party on a jet Don’t put Brazilians up on deck, they keep on begging me for sex […]

NLE Choppa - Intro Lyrics

NLE Choppa – Intro Lyrics

Intro Lyrics NLE Choppa From Dark to Light In this project I’ll be explaining the truth I restore, but at the same time, embracing my growth The dark side of […]