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Category: NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa – 100 Shots Lyrics

100 Shots By NLE Choppa Cook that s--- up, Quay (Yeah) Earthquake cut up on the beat, earthquake cut the motherfuckin’ beat, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Hundred some shots, I […]

NLE Choppa - Exotic Lyrics

NLE Choppa – Exotic Lyrics

Exotic Be NLE Choppa Uh, yeah, I’m tired No cap Uh, bad Uh, I’m tired Palaze, what you cookin’? (Mhm) Mhm, hey, ayy Met a bad b----, put kids on […]

NLE Choppa – Cruze Lyrics

Cruze By NLE Choppa Ft. Meek Mill Hey, McNabb Run it back Turbo I done be Manson Run at the rats and (Run at the rats) I know these n----- […]

NLE Choppa – N.W.A. Lyrics

N.W.A. By NLE Choppa Pipe that s--- up, TNT Ayy NLE s--- NLE the top shotta, got the bomb like Al-Qaeda (No cap) Ayy, ayy I got the stick up […]