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Category: Polo G

Polo G - Epidemic Lyrics

Polo G – Epidemic Lyrics

Epidemic Lyrics By Polo G (Dmac on the fuckin’ track) (Tahj Money) I’m so sick of farewells and R.I.P.’s In the trenches yellin’, “Gang gang,” mob ties what I bleed […]

Polo G - Martin & Gina Lyrics

Polo G – Martin & Gina Lyrics

Martin & Gina By Polo G (Tahj Money) (I bet my last track probably gave you lockjaw, hey, Lilkdubb) I think about you on the road when I tear down […]

Polo G - Flex Lyrics

Polo G – Flex Lyrics

Flex By Polo G Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm (Hit-Boy) Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm Natural born hustler, nigga, stuntin’ is my strong suite Flexin’ with a hundred cash, look at what these songs do Gangster […]

Polo G - 21 Lyrics

Polo G – 21 Lyrics

21 By Polo G Decorate your block with red tape, foldin’ slidin’ err’ day Watch a hallow spittin’ out the Glock I’ve been servin’ fiends all day, I’ve been posted […]

Polo G - 33 Lyrics

Polo G – 33 Lyrics

33 By Polo G High off ecstasy and that codeine what I’m sippin’ (What I’m sippin’) This new Glock got.33, Scottie Pippen (Scottie Pippen) Bitch, all of my niggas bangin’ […]