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Category: Popcaan

Popcaan – Promise Lyrics

Promise By Popcaan Cock up yuh bumpa Hmm Mhmm Aye, gyal Cock up yuh bumpa Mi know yuh love mi Gyal yuh cute, and yuh clean, and yuh lovely Lovely […]

Popcaan – Gimmi Love Lyrics

Gimmi Love By Popcaan Jiggle off (Weh) Gimmi love Jiggle off (Weh) Gimmi love Jiggle off (Jiggle off) Gimmi love (Gimmi love) Yeah Gyal yuh pretty like [?] Vagina tight […]

Popcaan – One Ting Alone Lyrics

One Ting Alone By Popcaan One ting alone (One ting alone) Yow, don’t touch my girl (One ting alone) Don’t touch my herbs Yuh wi’ dead (One ting alone) Nuh […]

Popcaan – Can’t Wait Lyrics

Can’t Wait By Popcaan Yeah-e-yeah-eah-eah-e Unruly y’ear Yeah-e-yeah-eah-mhm-e Mhmm Regular mi see dem call 119 By time dem reach people dead Haffi protect myself suh mi stack up 9 Mi […]

Popcaan – Happy And Wealthy Lyrics

Happy And Wealthy By Popcaan Yow! Jah know star (Every yute wan’ rich and mek some money) Yah man mek it out addi struggles now star One time man used […]