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Category: Popcaan

Popcaan – Friends Like These Lyrics

Unruly Unruly no fear nuh invalided (Mhmm) Human being so poisonous, and tek yuh life wid ease So if mi don’t protect miself, who di fuck gon’ dweet? Diamond pon […]

Popcaan – Buzz lyrics

Popcaan – Buzz lyrics

Buzz By Popcaan Hey Poppy Yeah I like that new trim enuh It has ah buzz Yes (Once more with..) Weh! [?] ting called reaching out Yuh know it’s di […]

Childish Gambino - 53.49 Lyrics

Popcaan – Retribution Lyrics

Retribution By Popcaan Dem kill mi friend and wah fi leave but mi nuh zeet suh Revenge Mhmm hmm Dat ah gwan nuh way From dem mek wi feel pain […]

Popcaan – Numbers Don’t Lie Lyrics

Numbers Don’t Lie By Popcaan An-anywhere di killy dem stop Gyal wan’ fi gi’ wi di contact Tell-tell some bwoy don’t try violate, man wi’ fly weh dem bat Think […]

Popcaan – Love You Lyrics

Love You By Popcaan Forever loving yuh baby Mhmm hmm Always and forever will (Trouble) Mhmm hmm Unruly y’ear OVO Hey girl You’re ah phenomenal You ah mi gold medal […]