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Category: Post Malone

Post Malone - Trembling Lyrics

Post Malone – Trembling Lyrics

Trembling By Post Malone Go to sleep and then I, I shoot a .45 Welcome to the back, ’cause in the morning I Engine the back, ’cause in the morning […]

Post Malone - What Is This Lyrics

Post Malone – What Is This Lyrics

What Is This By Post Malone What we doin’, Apex? Pooh, you a fool for this one Oh lord, Jetson made another one! Al Geno on the track Yo, it’s […]

Post Malone – Gold Lyrics

Gold By Post Malone I got this knot inside my throat, call my vodka up if I come And I’m not suicidal, I just drink to forget my problems Seems […]

Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding Lyrics

Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone Hollywood’s bleeding, vampires feedin’ Darkness turns to dust Everyone’s gone, but no one’s leavin’ Nobody left but us Tryna chase a feelin’, but we’ll never feel it Ridin’ […]