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Category: Post Malone

Post Malone - Saint-Tropez Lyrics

Post Malone – Saint-Tropez Lyrics

Saint-Tropez by Post Malone Such a long time I’ve been waitin’, I’ve been waitin’ for a long time Such a long time I’ve been waitin’, I’ve been waitin’ for a long time (Yeah) Such […]

Post Malone – Enemies Lyrics

Enemies by Post Malone Used to have friends now I got enemies (Ooh) Used to keep ’em close, now they dead to me (Damn) Used to have friends now I got enemies (Ooh) Enemies, […]

Post Malone – Allergic Lyrics

Post Malone – Allergic Lyrics

Allergic by Post Malone Wasted on Sunday Erase you on Monday, allergic Allergic Gave in by Friday Went straight back to sideways, allergic Allergic I took your pills and your drugs just to […]

Post Malone – A Thousand Bad Times Lyrics

A Thousand Bad Times by Post Malone Said you needed a ride, but you wanted my car Without that face, girl, you wouldn’t get far I really like you, despite who you are, oh […]

Post Malone – Die for Me Lyrics

Die for Me by Post Malone Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah Yeah, you’d die for me Said you’d die, said you’d die But you lied, you lied to me Said you’d take […]

Post Malone – On the Road Lyrics

On the Road by Post Malone ‘Cause they ain’t ever seein’ me fold under pressure They ain’t never, ever seen me fold, nah, never Always keep one up on ’em ’cause I’m too clever […]

Post Malone – I’m Gonna Be Lyrics

I’m Gonna Be by Post Malone Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Pop the top, fill my cup up, yeah Keep ‘em pourin’ […]

Post Malone – Staring at the Sun Lyrics

Staring at the Sun by Post Malone Wait (Wait) I know you gotta a lotta s--- you’d like to say (To say, to say) Slow down, think you gettin’ lil’ carried away You’re […]

Post Malone – Internet Lyrics

Internet by Post Malone I just seen lil’ mama Instagram and she flexin’ Don’t care about your puppies, just that a-- and them breastses Oh girl, you a model? Damn, […]

Post Malone – Myself Lyrics

Myself by Post Malone I wish I could’ve been there myself It’s what it is, it’s how I live All the places I’ve been I wish I could’ve been there myself I made so […]

Post Malone – I Know Lyrics

I Know by Post Malone Our love will never be another You’re just a devil undercover Found you when you were in the gutter S--- was sweet until I was a sucker, shout out […]

Post Malone – Circles Lyrics

Circles by Post Malone We couldn’t turn around ‘Til we were upside down I’ll  be the bad guy now But  no, I ain’t too proud I couldn’t be there Even  […]

Post Malone – Honest Lyrics

Honest by Post Malone Baby, can I be honest? I just want some money Don’t you ever lie to me This a fourty in a foreign, yeah You don’t never […]

Post Malone – Goodbyes Lyrics

Goodbyes by Post Malone (feat. Young Thug) [Post Malone] Me and Kurt feel the same, too much pleasure is pain My girl spites me in vain, all I do is […]