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Category: Post Malone

Post Malone – Staring at the Sun Lyrics

Staring at the Sun by Post Malone Wait (Wait) I know you gotta a lotta shit you’d like to say (To say, to say) Slow down, think you gettin’ lil’ carried away You’re […]

Post Malone – Internet Lyrics

Internet by Post Malone I just seen lil’ mama Instagram and she flexin’ Don’t care about your puppies, just that ass and them breastses Oh girl, you a model? Damn, […]

Post Malone – Myself Lyrics

Myself by Post Malone I wish I could’ve been there myself It’s what it is, it’s how I live All the places I’ve been I wish I could’ve been there myself I made so […]

Post Malone – I Know Lyrics

I Know by Post Malone Our love will never be another You’re just a devil undercover Found you when you were in the gutter Shit was sweet until I was a sucker, shout out […]

Post Malone – Circles Lyrics

Circles by Post Malone We couldn’t turn around ‘Til we were upside down I’ll  be the bad guy now But  no, I ain’t too proud I couldn’t be there Even  […]

Post Malone – Honest Lyrics

Honest by Post Malone Baby, can I be honest? I just want some money Don’t you ever lie to me This a fourty in a foreign, yeah You don’t never […]