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Category: Pusha T

Pusha T – Infrared Lyrics

Infrared by Pusha T Infrared, yeah, you know what I mean? Infrared, yeah, you know what I mean? The game’s f----- up N-----’ beats is bangin’, n----, ya hooks did […]

Pusha T – What Would Meek Do? Lyrics

What Would Meek Do? by Pusha T [Kanye West] N----- talkin’ s---, Push—how do you respond? [Pusha-T] I’m top five and all of them Dylan I am the hope, the […]

Pusha T – Santeria Lyrics

Santeria by Pusha T Now that the tears dry and the pain takes over Let’s talk this payola (Payola) You killed God’s baby when it wasn’t his will And blood […]

Pusha T – Come Back Baby Lyrics

Come Back Baby by Pusha T [The Mighty Hannibal] I wanna talk to all you addicts out there That’s got yourself a great big Jones An’ you done tried all […]

Pusha T – Hard Piano Lyrics

Hard Piano by Pusha T Never trust a b---- who finds love in a camera She will f--- you, then turn around and f--- a janitor Set the parameters You […]

Pusha T – The Games We Play Lyrics

The Games We Play by Pusha T Drug dealer Benzes with gold diggers in ’em In elevator condos, on everything I love This ain’t a wave or phase, ’cause all […]

Pusha T - Circles

Pusha T – Circles Lyrics

Circles Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Desiigner Lyrics Work, hard work (Grrrrrrrrrrah!) Work, hard, work (Git!) Hard work (Git! Git!) Work, hard work (Grrrrrrrah!) Tell her throw that a-- in […]