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Category: Quadeca

Quadeca – Alone Together Lyrics

Alone Together By Quadeca Whirlwind me further apart Follow me into the dark Dark Memories ain’t the same when I’m by your side Take my lips, leave me tongue-tied Drift-drift […]

Quadeca – Where’d You Go? Lyrics

Where’d You Go? By ​Quadeca Will you go the distance? I’m like “Where’d you go?” (Ooh, ooh) I came in this shit outta nowhere Yeah, I didn’t mean to scare […]

Quadeca – Beamin’ Lyrics

Beamin’ By Quadeca Hold up, I’m beamin’, huh, yeah! When your bitch see me up on the stage, “Ah Ah Ah!”, you know she screamin’, huh, yeah (Aaah!) She know this dick make her […]

Quadeca – Fish Outta Bacardi! Lyrics

Fish Outta Bacardi! By Quadeca Lyrics Yeah, eheheheh! Bow! Bow, bow, bow! Bitch, bitch, bitch, I came to party (Woo, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!) This my fish outta’ Bacardi (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt!) […]

Quadeca x Moxas – SCHOENBERG! Lyrics

SCHOENBERG! by Quadeca x Moxas: I’m like oh shit Call me Schoenberg, lil bitch, I’m on my own shit I can’t fuck ’round with you cause you a broke bitch […]

Quadeca – I DON’T CARE Lyrics

I DON’T CARE by Quadeca (Chorus) I swear, they only love me when i’m not there I know you trust me but I don’t care I swear, that I don’t […]