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Category: Quadeca

Quadeca – Fish Outta Bacardi! Lyrics

Fish Outta Bacardi! By Quadeca Lyrics Yeah, eheheheh! Bow! Bow, bow, bow! B----, b----, b----, I came to party (Woo, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!) This my fish outta’ Bacardi (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt!) […]

Quadeca x Moxas – SCHOENBERG! Lyrics

SCHOENBERG! by Quadeca x Moxas: I’m like oh s--- Call me Schoenberg, lil b----, I’m on my own s--- I can’t f--- ’round with you cause you a broke b---- […]

Quadeca – I DON’T CARE Lyrics

I DON’T CARE by Quadeca (Chorus) I swear, they only love me when i’m not there I know you trust me but I don’t care I swear, that I don’t […]

Quadeca x Sad Frosty - Volt! Lyrics

Quadeca x Sad Frosty – Volt! Lyrics

Volt! by Quadeca [Sad Frosty] Yuh, ayy, what? (B----) Quadeca and Frosty, like, what? Mike G, you can’t do this to ’em, man! [Sad Frosty] They say Frosty, he a […]

Quadeca – NOT a Diss Track Lyrics

NOT a Diss Track Lyrics by Quadeca [Quadeca] If my life is a movie, Then that s--- is boring, I do not involve with drama But I’m still quoted more […]

Quadeca – These Days Lyrics

These Days Lyrics By Quadeca These days Nothing matters when I look into your face Nothing in my past is a mistake If it led me to this motherfuckin place […]