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Category: Quadeca

Quadeca – Red Dot Lyrics

Red Dot Lyrics By Quadeca Think they gonna use me Why did God have to chose me? That’s how I feel sometimes Swear they all wanna lose me Swear my […]

Quadeca – Thank You Next Lyrics

Thank You Next Lyrics By Quadeca (feat. Sad Frosty) (Quadeca and Frosty like what?) B----! [Quadeca:] None of my s--- f------ match, I’m still the best dressed (Huh?) “Who just […]

Quadeca – Imagination Lyrics

Imagination Lyrics By Quadeca When I was eight yeah I wanted a wraith yeah But I had to hide in my imagination Back in the day I wanted a name […]

Quadeca – Ego Death Lyrics

Ego Death Lyrics By Quadeca I know I got an ego Must be something in my brain If I didn’t, I’d probably go insane I’m sorry I’m an asshole That’s […]