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Category: SAINT PHNX

SAINT PHNX – Follow Lyrics

Follow By SAINT PHNX Everywhere you go You’ll never be alone Everywhere you go I will follow Lost your way sometimes ago Chassing shadows down the road The time I […]

SAINT PHNX – Mountains Lyrics

Mountains By SAINT PHNX What’s that sound hearing all around I can’t take no more I thought I found a feeling underground That shook me to my core I’ve been […]

SAINT PHNX – Death of Me Lyrics

SAINT PHNX – Death of Me Lyrics Do you ever go to sleep Wondering if you’re gonna wake up And you’re lying Dreamin, I’m dreamin I’m dying Drift away into […]

SAINT PHNX – Nunchuk Lyrics

SAINT PHNX – Nunchuk Lyrics I’ve got violence in my head And all my friends are dead I’ve got white noise in my brain And it’s always been the same […]

SAINT PHNX – Shake Lyrics

SAINT PHNX – Shake Lyrics Hey, na-na-na-na-na, na, na-ayy Hey, na-na-na-na-na I get up, put my hands to the sky Got the fear in my veins ’cause I’ve been living […]

SAINT PHNX – Violence & Spiders Lyrics

SAINT PHNX – Violence & Spiders Lyrics Are you scared of spiders Creepin’ in your bed Suffering the violent Thoughts inside your head Talk about silence, and violence, and deadmen, […]