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Category: SASAMI

SASAMI – Take Care Lyrics

Take Care by SASAMI You don’t need my help anymore I tried to show up at your door I don’t really care anymore I like to make them wait and […]

SASAMI – Adult Contemporary Lyrics

A darkness you can spell Written out clearly in the paper What a time to be alive And believe in something so untrue How could you leave me alone here? […]

SASAMI – Callous Lyrics

Callous Lyrics By SASAMI I lost my calluses for you And you didn’t even think to ask me how my day was Now I’m leaving I couldn’t even count the […]

SASAMI – Jealousy Lyrics

Jealousy Lyrics By SASAMI They say if you stare directly into the sunlight It can cause blindness But if you shut your eyes and let it Under the deepest seas […]

SASAMI – At Hollywood Lyrics

At Hollywood Lyrics By SASAMI There’s a street where the houses are burnt At Hollywood, at Hollywood Everyone has something to learn At Hollywood, at Hollywood We really should, we […]

SASAMI – Pacify My Heart Lyrics

Pacify My Heart Lyrics By SASAMI Sometimes I wish I never met you Sometimes I wish I never met you Sometimes I wish I never met you Because I don’t […]

SASAMI – Free Lyrics

Free Lyrics By SASAMI [SASAMI] I’m sure this happens all the time I know I’m not the only one I’m sure this happens all the time There’s nothing wrong when […]

SASAMI – Morning Comes Lyrics

Morning Comes Lyrics By SASAMI Morning comes Morning comes in Morning comes again (When the redness hits, permeates my lip) When the redness hits Permeates my lip Then it’s evident […]

SASAMI – Not the Time Lyrics

Not the Time Lyrics By SASAMI One of these nights I’m Gonna see you dance again One of these nights I’m Gonna feel your arms again This is not the […]

SASAMI – I Was a Window Lyrics

I Was a Window Lyrics By SASAMI [SASAMI] There is a shadow over something that used to be a light I was a window into something you didn’t like So […]