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Category: Sik World

Sik World – Clock Lyrics

Clock By Sik World Look, I’m feelin’ like a genie every time I make a wish I receive it, I believe in, you must speak it to exist If you […]

Sik World – Tired Lyrics

Song: Tired Artist: Sik World Latest “Sik World” song: Replaced Yeah, uh Lately been I’ve been tryna cope I always do it alone I just suffer on my own Still […]

Sik World – Replaced Lyrics

Replaced By Sik World I know you never had pictured me leaving Breaking up is never easy We’re dead now and I’m grieving I was there whenever you would need me Even all the […]

Sik World – I’m Gone Lyrics

I’m Gone by Sik World Everyday’s a battle, depression’s gettin’ the best of me Swear I wanna quit, but I gotta give what is left of me House of criticism, I’m never lettin’ it […]

Sik World – Sunset Hours Lyrics

Sunset Hours by Sik World If you’re tryna find me, find me on the road Stressin’ tryna get away from home Parked on the hill, tryna be alone Sunset hours, just to see the […]