Sik World – Let Me Burn Lyrics

Let Me Burn Lyrics – Sik World

I don’t know
I got doubts about us but i keep them stresses on the low
I could only hide them for so long, but when we fight it shows
You don’t know if ima stick around longer or go ghost
Cuz i tell you ima leave you, but deep down you know i won’t
Say love me, yeah that’s funny, that’s a good one that’s a joke
I ain’t laughing, let’s see action, prove it to me cuz you don’t
Save them broken promises, i’m off of this, i gotta go
Nah don’t touch me, please hug me, because i’ll explode
I’m sick of talking, we do this often, and nothing changes
It’s still the same and my feelings fading, you’re draining
These up and downs, got me feeling anxious
Girl you know that it’s a problem when you can’t just
Sit down, listen to me, but you’d rather give me a whole attitude
Dissing me then giving me a reason to be mad at you
If only you can see that all your ego does is damage you
Self sabotaging, you gon make me have to chose
Then you turn around cross your arms acting all upset
Say don’t leave me yet you hate me, how you say that in the same breath
Before i’d stay but now i’m dipping out, i’m dipping on some real sh*t
Cuz you got issues i can’t deal with – girl i

I gotta put me first
I know that sh*t hurts
But you make me worst
Falling down
Shot me down
Pull me aside
Just let me burn
I don’t know why
I don’t know why
Holding on
I’ll put me on top
I’ll put me first

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