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Category: Silas

Silas – Seasons Lyrics

Seasons by Silas Cold winters but you know I never hesitate Living like today my last word to Groundhog Day Cause I found that in mental stressin’ and I could […]

Silas – Def 2 Ego Lyrics

Def 2 Ego by Silas This s--- is on some 2015 s--- for real Death to ego, death to ego Mhm, mhm Yeah, ight Look, death to ego for my […]

Silas – ’98 Freestyle Lyrics

’98 Freestyle by Silas This s--- got me thinking bout a different time yo Back when I had to really let these rhymes go Do the people really love me […]

Silas – Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics

Keep Ya Head Up by Silas Take a listen here’s my vision thru my composition Member back when we was younger had no pot to piss in Daddy dipped so […]

Silas – These Days Lyrics

These Days by Silas These days all I got is money on my mind Late night walkin’ down the street, it’s never fine When we hit the stu’, they say, […]

Silas – Ways Lyrics

Ways by Silas Think about now yeah I lost friends You don’t wanna know what it cost him Hanging wit ya b---- she exhausted Only round here we involve sin […]

Silas – Dollar Interlude Lyrics

Dollar Interlude by Silas If I had a dollar for every lie that’s been told to me I’d probably have a couple million private jet right over seas My iPhone […]

Silas – Nevermind Lyrics

Nevermind by Silas Never meant to make you cry Wish that I’d gone back now Won’t even look in my mama eye Guess that I hold back now Promise that […]

Silas – Buddy (1998) Lyrics

Buddy (1998) by Silas What’s my purpose Know it’s deeper than the surface Everything these people say is nothing Know that they be fronting Cause I came up in a […]

Silas – Killa Lyrics

Killa by Silas I be rappin’, rappin’ mafucka They don’t even know Tryna do this and go play World of Warcraft And f--- yo b---- Yeah Riddin’ through my city, […]