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Category: SiR

SiR - Footsteps In The Dark Lyrics

SiR – Footsteps In The Dark Lyrics

Footsteps In The Dark By SiR Are we really sureCan a love that lasted for so long still endure?Do I, really care? Hey, heyLet’s talk about the distractions goin’ on […]

SiR – Rapper Weed Lyrics

Rapper Weed By SiR Clear skies, white walls Sunshine in my rearview as the night falls Listenin’ to old Kanye feelin’ like new Kanye (Hey-hey-hey) My life in harmony like […]

SiR – LA Lyrics

LA · SiR Take me back to LA Take me back to LA Take me back to LA, ohh I’ve laughed and I’ve cried I’ve lived and I’ve died Stole from, gambled and cheated […]

SiR – The Recipe Lyrics

The Recipe · SiR I better fall back, I don’t mean to mislead her But if she believe every word that I said I take it all back, she playin’ follow the leader But […]

SiR – Mood Lyrics

Mood · SiR ねえ、来てみ / Hey, come here ねえ、誰かいる? / Hey, is someone there? 一緒に時間を過ごしたいんだけど 仕事後にしてくれない? / I want to spend time together, can’t you save your work for later? […]

SiR – Still Blue Lyrics

Still Blue · SiR Still blue Still blue Still blue Still blue Everything always the same, if it ain’t one thing, it’s another Jumped out a plane and we both landed right where […]