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Category: SiR

SiR – Touchdown Lyrics

Touchdown · SiR Touchdown Let your fears go and catch your blessings, yeah Let them hoes know you don’t do messy, yeah Screensaver on because they dry snitch Caption on your post saying “You […]

SiR – That’s Why I Love You Lyrics

That’s Why I Love You · SiR That’s Why I Love You Doesn’t it feel like this could be real life If we have something to prove Life would be normal, dinner […]

SiR – Lucy’s Love Lyrics

Lucy’s Love · SiR Lucy’s Love Don’t try and tell me what I need, I’m gettin’ sick of that Last time I let you decide, do you remember that? You said you was bringing […]

SiR – New Sky Lyrics

New Sky · SiR New Sky This is familiar, I feel ya How can that be? I thought I was gone now, on the run now Tryna find a happier me But flyin’ […]

SiR – Fire Lyrics

Fire · SiR Fire ‘Cause I ain’t about to roll it if I ain’t rollin’ that fi-i-i-ire Yeah the sun is going down but I’m tryna take you hi-i-i-igher We both know this house […]

SiR – LA Lisa Lyrics

LA Lisa · SiR LA Lisa No, it ain’t a question, not even an issue Nobody knows you like I know ya You grew up on Queen Street Your dad is a gangsta […]