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Category: Stormzy


DISAPPOINTED By STORMZY Disappointing So disappointed Yo MeloBeats Traphouse Mob I came to your show, and moved to your brother in front of your dad (Real talk) Your old man […]

Stormzy – Big Michael Lyrics

Big Michael By Stormzy Ayy, yo, Stormzy, G I beg you, G, release music, fam ‘Cause you know what? It’s gettin’ me so mad, fam Michael, what’s wrong with you? […]

Stormzy – Rainfall Lyrics

Rainfall By Stormzy Aw Embody it, yeah Let your mind speak I never put no colours on my timepiece I told you n----- cut me out the grime beef And […]

Stormzy – Handsome Lyrics

Handsome By Stormzy Ayy, yo, it’s Heavy Papa AKA Heavy Duty, don’t hide the beauty Representing Kanka always Top militarian, the Jamba boys The goal is to touch your soul […]

Stormzy – Do Better Lyrics

Do Better By Stormzy (Oh yeah) Yo (Oh yeah) Let it breathe (Oh yeah) Just let it breathe (Oh yeah) Let it breathe, ayy (Oh yeah) Let it breathe (Oh […]

Stormzy – One Second Lyrics

One Second By Stormzy If you give me just one second of your time (Yo) I could tell you stories ’bout my life (True story) I’ve seen hope and I’ve […]

Stormzy – Pop Boy Lyrics

Pop Boy By Stormzy Yeah And it’s like, yo Your boy’s too hot, put a fan on I am never under pressure, man, it’s pressure that I stand on I’m […]

Stormzy – Bronze Lyrics

Bronze By Stormzy Bronze You man are getting bronze this year Stormz On this year, gone this year Manna eat rice and stew and Man, I’m strong this year Big […]

Stormzy - Superheroes Lyrics

Stormzy – Superheroes Lyrics

Superheroes By Stormzy Don’t die on me I said Young black king, don’t die on me You my brother, you my keeper, I need you to keep an eye on […]

Stormzy – Lessons Lyrics

Lessons By Stormzy I knew a woman more wonderful than a Disney one I lost my heart, I just wondered if you could give me one I hit you back, […]

Stormzy – Vossi Bop Lyrics

Vossi Bop By Stormzy Merky-ky-ky-ky-ky Like My bruddas don’t dab, we just Vossi bop I tell your girl to link me at the coffee shop Getting freaky in the sheets, […]


AUDACITY By STORMZY It’s like You n----- audacious Hm Yeah I roll out with no cash on me Calm now with no mash on me Stay away from these ashy […]

Stormzy – Own It Lyrics

Own It By Stormzy (ft. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy) Own it Girl, you just own it ‘Cause your body’s on fire Show me how to control it And go hit your […]

Stormzy – Wiley Flow Lyrics

Wiley Flow by Stormzy: Bruv, I didn’t look at it this way before But as I approach my birthday All you man are my youngers You man are my youngers bruv If you can’t […]