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Category: Sueco the Child

Sueco the Child - Smackdown Lyrics

Sueco the Child – Smackdown Lyrics

Smackdown By Sueco the Child smack down vs. raw i don’t drink no henny i be sipping white claw drip underwater like jaws someone get they daughter got my dick […]

Sueco the Child – Juice Lyrics

Juice By Sueco the Child AMG all the options You see me in the cockpit Audemar wrist it’s frosted Don’t look too long you get nauseous Bad lil bitch give […]

Sueco the Child – dork Lyrics

dork by Sueco the Child: Lil baby I’m an animal Put in her mouth have her drink it up like danimals (Sheesh) Nasty, she eat me like a cannibal Then she wanna kiss me, […]

Sueco the Child – Fishscale Lyrics

Fishscale by Sueco the Child I don’t like back talk, I don’t like lip I don’t like it when I’m sober and she geeking off the fist I don’t like […]