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Category: Sum 41

Sum 41 – The People Vs… Lyrics

The People Vs… Lyrics by Sum 41 Another place, another time, a new direction Maybe we can try to find some peace in time Might be just a bit beyond […]

Sum 41 - Eat You Alive Lyrics

Sum 41 – Eat You Alive Lyrics

Eat You Alive Lyrics by Sum 41 So can you tell me what you’ve got inside Well is it all those fears that you hide? ‘Cause it’s all messed up […]

Sum 41 – Heads Will Roll Lyrics

Heads Will Roll Lyrics by Sum 41 Just heads or tails, it’s all you’ll get from me ‘Cause I ain’t got time, and I’ve got just what I need If […]

Sum 41 – Turning Away Lyrics

Turning Away Lyrics by Sum 41 Well if you say it’s better off this way It’s time that I let you go It’s been on my mind for days And […]

Sum 41 – The New Sensation Lyrics

The New Sensation Lyrics by Sum 41 Tell me it’s alright, even if it is a lie ‘Cause I don’t want to hear it’s just a blessing in disguise I […]

Sum 41 - Never There Lyrics

Sum 41 – Never There Lyrics

Sum 41 : Never There Lyrics Do you think about me ‘Cause I don’t have any doubts you must In this life Even though you’re never there I didn’t feel […]

Sum 41 – Out For Blood Lyrics

Out For Blood Lyrics by Sum 41 [Sum 41] Zero chances, no way out No solutions given now (There’s no point resisting, there’s nobody listening) Are we just sick? (Sick) […]

Sum 41 - War Lyrics

Sum 41 – War Lyrics

War Lyrics So what am I fighting for Everything back and more And I’m not gonna let this go I’m ready to settle the score Get ready cause this is […]