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Category: Tank

Tank – You Mean More Lyrics

You Mean More By Tank Lyrics You mean more to me than you know You mean more to me than you know You mean more to me than you know […]

Tank – I Promise Lyrics

I Promise By Tank Lyrics Rock me, baby All these other n----- out here goin’ crazy Ain’t nobody ever showed ’em how to treat a lady Don’t know why you […]

Tank – Do You Lyrics

Do You By Tank Lyrics Stay, only be mine Do you like the way, do you like the way Oh-oh Do you like the way that I make you feel? […]

Tank – Somebody Else Lyrics

Somebody Else By Tank Lyrics Wait till I see you Wait till I put it on Wait till she needs you Wait till you really know what I’m about You […]

Tank – Dirty Lyrics

Dirty By Tank Lyrics I just don’t I don’t think they understand The type of s--- you into, you know You like it dirty F-----’ you deep, takin’ pics on […]

Tank – No Cap Lyrics

No Cap By Tank Lyrics N----- say they gon’ do s---, you know what I’m sayin’ Don’t be followin’ through When I say I’ma do somethin’, that’s one hundred No […]

Tank – Champion Lyrics

Champion By Tank Lyrics You make me feel like Tyson, Jordan (Yeah) Yeah, yeah, yeah You make me feel like Tyson, Jordan (Rock me, baby) Tell me that I’m already […]

Tank – WWJD Lyrics

WWJD By Tank Lyrics Woo Woo Aw yeah This whole beat money (H-Money) I been reaching out my hand Tryna make you understand That you don’t have to be alone […]

Tank – Elevation Lyrics

Elevation By Tank Lyrics (It’s elevation) Who wanna go higher? (We just goin’ up) Who wanna go higher? (See that motherfuckin’ heartbeat? Molly s---) Rock me, baby (Woo) I can […]

Tank – Overture Lyrics

Overture By Tank Lyrics I use the mic like a walkie-talkie Cali love with a bite of Milwaukee DMV in my bloodline, I done start wars with a jabberwocky Eye […]

Tank – This Lyrics

This By Tank This is like when the sun shines This is like a warm rain on my face This is like a check on time This is like a […]

Tank – Dirty (Remix) Lyrics

Dirty (Remix) [feat. Chris Brown, Feather & Rahky] by Tank I know you like when I do you dirty, baby (Zoe) You like when I do it Hitmaka! Yeah You […]